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Mistakes Writers Make

All aspiring creative writers pass through a time when everything they do seems to be huge mistake. Without intending to do so, many of them commit mistakes as they try to pursue their passion in writing. However, hope is not yet lost for these people. There are some tips regarding creative writing that they can […]

Good Writing

Anyone who aspires to be a writer struggles with producing a good written piece. Though everyone can give some details on what they think is a piece of good writing, there is no set standards or guidelines that can be used in judging a written work. However, to help people out, it will be easier […]

Writing Tips

To be a successful writer, a person must not only possess the necessary writing skills but important values like diligence, creativeness, and passion for his work. And to enhance or discover such values, there are some writing tips from some known fiction authors that aspiring writers should know as they pursue their passion in writing. […]

Journal Writing Therapy

Journal therapy is a kind of treatment that lets the writer compose entries that focus on his internal experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Through reflective writing, journal therapy aims to give the writer mental and emotional clarity by helping him achieve a better understanding of himself using the anecdotes of his own experiences. It can be […]

Ways To Hide My Diary

Diary is something that is very personal to a person. As such, one can’t help but to feel that his privacy is violated when someone takes a peek on his own journal. Because of this, a person must learn about some things that can be very important in properly hiding his diary. WHERE TO HIDE […]