Leather Bound Notebook


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EvZ Diary String Key Retro Vintage Classic Leather Bound Notebook is a dark coffee colored diary perfect for recording a person’s journey everyday. It can be presented as a gift or a sketch book. Its design also makes it a perfect candidate for guest sign book for different occasions. In addition, it is filled with blank craft papers that can be used not only for writing but for drawing and scrapbooking as well. The journal measures 5.6 x 4.2 x 08 inches and is made up of synthetic leather giving it a very sophisticated look.


Customers will love the vintage look of the Ev journal. The pages are crisp like parchment and thick, perfect for those who worry about accidentally tearing up the papers and those who write heavily. Its size makes it impeccable companion during travels. The key and lock charms also add to the beauty of the product. In addition, customers who are fond of leather products will love the smell of the journal cover. And to secure the contents written inside the journal, a leather strap keeps the journal firmly closed when not in use. There’s also a leather bookmark that the customers can use to keep track of their progress as they write on the diary. People will also love the vintage feel that the pages of the journal emit.


People who prefer whiter and cleaner papers will not approve of the vintage look of the journal’s pages. Some may get disappointed with grammar errors regarding the quote embossed on the leather cover. There are also some who are maybe expecting that the journal is covered with genuine leather. The rope used as for the strap is not so durable so there is the danger of snapping it off. In addition, the smell of the leather cover may not be appealing to some people. Those who are looking for a normal sized journal will be disappointed with journal’s small size.