Short Stories

Writing a short story that powerfully holds the attention of the readers can be quite hard for any writer. If a short story is not powerful enough to compel the readers to finish it, then it is at risk of being just aside and pushed to the far end of the book shelf. And to avoid such kind of inopportune event, there are some things that a writer must be quite familiar with first.


Writing short stories can be a very hard to master form of art since crafting is means working on a very limited number of words and pages. Some writers may even confess that it is harder to write short stories than novels due to apparent and strict parameters that they must follow when it comes to their length.

Those who are considering to write short stories should avoid describing every scene that comes to their minds. They will just risk using up the limited number of words and boring the readers. Not only that, short stories must also possess the perfect combination of elements like plot, character, setting, and theme.


Not all short stories are works of fiction. There may be some that are based on real experiences of people or witnessed by some others. However, when people come across such kind of short stories, they tend to get easily bored with them and feel that something’s lacking with what they have read.


For people who want to try their luck in writing true short stories, there are some tips that they can try out to make what they are writing a bit more appealing and powerful to the readers.

  1. The short story must be about something that the readers can relate to. People will just disregard something that does not appeal to them.

  2. Learning the basics is a necessity. Readers will just likely throw away any readings that bear obvious grammar and spelling mistakes.

  3. Avoid transitory scenes. They will just deplete the small armory of words that can be used in writing more pertinent details.

  4. Most importantly, a short story must be written with honesty from the heart. Any guidelines and standards will just be useless if the readers will not be able to comprehend the writer’s emotions from their stories.