Ways To Hide My Diary

Diary is something that is very personal to a person. As such, one can’t help but to feel that his privacy is violated when someone takes a peek on his own journal. Because of this, a person must learn about some things that can be very important in properly hiding his diary.


The first thing to consider when keeping a diary is the place where it should be kept or hidden. As a rule of thumb, a person must hide his diary or journal in a place where no one will be able to find it. Some perfect hiding places include a hole cut out from an old book, a hanged jacket, a pillowcase, an old bag, beneath a pile of stuffed toys, under the drawer or the cushions, a pet carrier box, and inside the computer.

When using the computer as a hiding place, the diary must be placed in a corner where it can’t do any damage on the unit, start a fire, or block the vents for the airflow.

Some people prefer storing their diaries online by using email addresses and passwords that are only known to them. There are also some who think that it’s better to just tape the journal under the table or hide it under the stairs.

In case someone comes snooping around, a person may use a decoy diary or add bogus entries once in a while so people will not believe right away what a person wrote when they read his or her diary.

Other good hiding places for a diary include a ceiling panel, a tissue box, and an old bible case.

If there are no good hiding place in any part of the house, a person can use codes when writing in the diary or they can use password journal, an electronic journal device that can be activated by using a specific voice code or pin.


Sometimes a person can’t be too sure if someone has read his diary. In order to resolve such dilemma, there are various tips that a person can try. Knowing if someone has read his diary will make a person more careful in keeping his diary or journal safe.

The powder method employs putting a small amount of powder in a page that is most likely to be opened by someone. If the diary is opened, the owner will notice that some of the powder has gone to the floor or completely vanished from the journal.

The hair method is done by placing a strand of hair inside the journal in such a way that it will snap as soon as a person tries to open the diary.