Work Journal

When people think about keeping a diary they usually focus on personal emotional issues or do it to keep memories.  Memories that are cherished are obviously very important and have a ton of value that you can’t put a monetary number on.  The most important journal for a lot of people is a food journal because to be honest it can save your life if you have a medical condition.  This post is about how a work diary can help you monetarily.  Think about this.  Your job position and promotion in most cases is based on politics.  Having data on what work has been done.  What others have failed to do.  What issues or tasks could be improved on can really help you plead your case for a raise. It can help you win political battles on the job between Waring parties. One great tip for the journal is to categories it.  Not only would we write it in sections daily but we also recommend that you color coordinate the words using color high lighters.  Spending 5 to 10 minutes everyday can be extremely useful.  Over time it’s a tool that can help you make more money at  work or help you when you decide to take a promotion some place else.  Even if that means wearing a dickies bomber jacket everyday as part of a new uniform.