Your Ultimate Guide to New York City

Just as it’s a cliché to say that all roads lead to Rome, it’s even more real to say that all roads will eventually lead you to New York City. It is the most populous city in the United States, and one of the most diverse cities in the world. With many cultures and people from all walks of life, it’s a great place to explore and travel.

Here is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about visiting New York City!

NYC Streets/Etiquette

Be aware of what’s happening on the street at all times. 

NYC is a fast-paced city and if you’re not careful, things can happen to you really quickly! Try your best to avoid any footing issues as well (ex: tripping over uneven sidewalk stones or broken pavement). Also, watch out for car doors that may suddenly open in front of you; they will often do this without looking first to see if there’s anyone coming.

You will often see people dressed very nice and also people who look like they haven’t showered in a few days (and smell accordingly). Believe it or not, professionals dress down here; you’ll rarely see business casual attire on the streets of NYC. Also, unlike most other cities that have a functional public transportation system, NYC has a fairly poor one, so be aware that you’re going to have to walk everywhere!

NYC Weather and Dress Code

Don’t worry about packing your winter coat and snow boots. New York City’s climate is quite temperate for most of the year. The city doesn’t experience extreme changes in weather; be prepared for anything from a hot and humid summer day, to a fairly cold December afternoon.

Be sure to keep track of the weather forecast in NYC before you visit; it can make or break your trip! Also, try your best not to get caught out in severe rainfall (it happens often)! As it’s such a big city filled with millions of people, streets and avenues aren’t always cleaned as quickly as you’d like them to be. You’ll often see piles of trash or a pothole in the streets that haven’t been fixed yet. The city gets a lot of wear and tear due to its large volume of traffic, so just be aware that things won’t always be spic and span.

It’s not recommended to wear open-toed footwear in NYC, or any other city for that matter; there is a high chance that you will step on gum (sometimes even if you’re wearing shoes). If it’s summer, be prepared with an umbrella as well! A fine rain can turn into a storm within a matter of minutes.

NYC Neighborhoods and Recommendations

There are many neighborhoods in NYC; be sure to do your research before traveling here!

The best areas to stay at are Midtown Manhattan (between 34th and 59th streets), downtown Manhattan (Financial District, Battery Park), Brooklyn (specifically Dumbo and Williamsburg), and Queens (Long Island City).

Most visitors to NYC choose to stay in Midtown Manhattan as it is the heart of the city. This area is filled with entertainment, culture, restaurants, and more. You can walk from one end of this area to the other within ten minutes! There are also a few subway stops accessible here as well.

Anyone who wants to visit the Statue of Liberty, go on a cruise (Statue Cruises is one of the best ones in New York City), or see Midtown Manhattan from above should definitely visit Top of the Rock! 

If you want to see everything NYC has to offer, consider staying at more than one place during your trip. NYC is a massive city, so you may want to see the sights in different neighborhoods.

Also, pay attention to where you are getting food at! Many of the best restaurants are hidden away high up on rooftops or inside quiet alleyways.

Things to do in New York City

You can’t go wrong with visiting the Statue of Liberty, taking a ferry out to see the Statue from across the water! Many people who visit NYC for their first time like to take in both views. Make sure you purchase tickets in advance, as they often sell out weeks before your visit.

There are many, many different kinds of restaurants to pick from in NYC; there’s no way you could try all of them! The best thing about NYC is that it never stops evolving, so make sure you check out the latest and greatest places during your stay!

NYC is filled with historic sites, high-end shopping venues, entertaining parks, and more. Be sure to check out the different boroughs that NYC is split into as well; Manhattan isn’t the only place worth seeing here! Another great thing about NYC are all of its hidden gems you have to search for. If you’re up for a bit of adventure, you can find some pretty cool things to do here.

If you’re staying in Midtown Manhattan, the Empire State Building is something worth checking out. Tickets for this place are sold out well in advance, so be sure to book your ticket as soon as you possibly can! It’s always a good idea to book attractions in advance, especially if you’re traveling during peak times of the year.

NYC is home to many Broadway shows; people come from all over the world to see these incredible performances! A few classic pieces include The Lion King, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, and more! Just make sure you purchase tickets beforehand (they sell out fast). NYC is also home to the best concerts in the world.

If you have extra time, check out Central Park! It’s an absolute must if you’re traveling with children. This is definitely one of the greenest places you’ll ever visit; keep your eyes peeled because you might just spot some wildlife here or there!

NYC is filled with many unique and breathtaking views, so be sure to bring your camera! The city skyline at night is a sight you won’t want to miss out on.

If you’re going out at night, expect the streets to be even more packed than they were during daylight hours. You can always go back to some of your favorite restaurants, bars, and more! If you’re having trouble finding somewhere to go (and you’re of age), check out some of the world-famous nightclubs in NYC.

If you want to see the best views of New York City at night, definitely take a trip up to Top of the Rock. This place is open 24 hours, so you can go as late as you’d like!

New York City is the best place to see professional sporting events; you can take in a Knicks game, Yankees game, or Nets game. If you’re there during baseball season, be sure to catch a marathon at Yankee Stadium. NYC has some of the most passionate and loyal sports fans around!

If you’re interested in seeing a Broadway show, check out the TKTS booth! There are often discounted tickets at the booth if you arrive early enough. Be warned that lines can get fairly long during peak hours.

There’s so much to do and see in NYC, so be sure to take lots of pictures! Make sure you have a camera ready at all times, as the city is a photographer’s dream.

If you are looking to visit New York City, there is a whole lot of things to do and see! 

Remember to always carry cash with you, especially for street performers! You never know when an amazing performance will catch your eye.